Looking for the perfect gift for your bestie? Want to treat yourself to some new wrist candy? Our unique, handmade bracelets are a great choice for any occasion. Explore all our stunning artisan bracelets today!

Our elegantly stylish and unique bangles are made with love and by hand in fabulous designs that make a statement and impresses everyone. We produce our bangles in the sunrise city of San Nicolas. Every piece is absolutely unique.

About Arubangles

Arubangles was founded in 2022 based on our love for the island and with the intent to provide irresistible products which are really locally made, contain the Aruban spirit and to compete with all the products with an aruba print on it manufactured and imported from abroad.

Our manufactury is in the heart of the sunrise city of San Nicolas in the very south of the island. Our manufactury provides fair jobs to local people and support the local economy.

Due to our local manufacturing capabilities, we’re ready to take your custom orders for specific sizes, shapes and colors to fit your personal preferences.

Processing titanium is an advanced skill and involves a lot of knowledge, experience, and time. Every bangle passes through many manual processing steps, such as grinding, bending, doming, buffing, and anodizing from a raw piece of titanium to a beautiful And unique product.

About Titanium

We choose Titanium for our unique bangles due to its superb properties; the resilience to cope with the harsh environmental conditions on the island. Titanium represents the strength of all Aruban inhabitants and the Island itself.

Titanium is a hypoallergenic metal, suitable for any skin, including the most sensitive one. Next to that it is very resistant to cracking and has good scratch resistance, does not tarnish and is safe to wear in any of your island activities.

Titanium is naturally a grey-silvery metal and can be anodized to various colors.

The colors we choose for our bangles are inspired by the myriad of colors found on the island and are designed to keep your impressions and the spirit of the island alive. Long after you've left the island.